Delete Label of Blogspot Website | Simple Way to Delete Labels

Blogspot is one of the popular product of Google. Many publishers use this product for publishing articles.

Step 1
Login in to your account at 

Step 2
In the dashboard menu. This page displays the titles of the blogs.

Step 3
Click the "Edit Posts" link next to the title of the blog that you want to delete certain labels. Step 4
This page displays all of the posts that you have published to date.

Step 5
The labels attached to each post are displayed in the green text next to the post titles.

Step 6
Make the list longer, enter a number larger than "25" in the "Posts per page" field.

Step 7
Click the checkbox.

Step 8 
Each post that you want to delete a label from.

Step 9
Click the "Label Actions" drop-down menu above the post list.
The bottom of the menu has a section titled "Remove Label." 
The section displays all of the labels in the posts that you checked.

Step 10
Click the label that you want to delete. Blogspot displays a confirmation message display such as "Label "(name)" removed from 10 posts." Repeat this process until you have removed all labels.
Follow the above step to complete the process.

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