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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Witch Hazel for Acne

  akd       Tuesday, 10 March 2020
If you have been suffering from acne for a long time (and you’ve become desperate), you have probably heard of witch hazel for acne. Many say that it helps you get rid of your pimples but if you are an “experienced acne sufferer”

home remedies acne
Acne Home Remedies

(if you know what I mean), you might be skeptical about this; and for good reason. A lot of individuals take advantage of people’s pains and sufferings by giving false hopes. There are a lot of acne myths online and offline making it more and more difficult to pin-point what really works and what does not.

I still think that research is the best defense against opportunistic people. Let me cut to the chase and share what I found out after extensive reading and research. Decades ago, witch hazel gained a following in the home remedies for acne industry and the fad just simmered down. Recently, however, it has somehow made a comeback. Many people believe that witch hazel has helped them achieve clearer skin; but many also say that it has actually made their condition worse. In fact, witch hazel as a cure for acne triggers a little debate in the “acne industry.”

So, what makes witch hazel for acne a viable idea? Witch hazel has an anti-bacterial property called tannin acid. Thus, in theory, it can help reduce the inflammation caused by acne and pimple production per se. Moreover, tannin acid is a strong astringent making it great for skin cleansing. Also, witch hazel is known to cause little to no allergic reaction to almost everyone; except for those who are practically allergic to everything – dust, banana, chicken, nuts, toilet paper, regular paper, pencils… oh you get my point.

One other reason why I love the idea of using witch hazel for acne is the fact that it is a natural product; therefore, it does not disrupt the pH balance of your skin. Also, witch hazel is very cheap and accessible; and on top of that, it is easy to use too. Soak a cotton ball with witch hazel solution and apply it of your skin; much like using a regular astringent. You can do this twice a day but never more than thrice.

I personally believe that using witch hazel for acne is an excellent idea. However, let me leave you with this insider tip: try the concoction in less prominent areas of your body first. Assuming that you have acne on your back or what I fondly call “backne”, try the witch hazel solution there first. If you see positive results, then proceed with your face.

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